High-quality Custom Silk Screen Printed Lanyard

Lanyards function to hold ID cards and name badges as well as other small objects such as keys, tools and cell phones. Given their usefulness, daily exposure and low cost, lanyards make ideal promotional products with a custom imprint of your name, logo or message. We have many popular custom lanyards to choose from ranging in price, material and hardware attachments.
These high-quality custom Silk Screen Printed Lanyard is great for company event branding, even march, trade shows and special events. The most common lanyard materials used for silkscreen printing are nylon , tubular and polyester from 3/8″ to 1.0″. the most common width is 3/4″. Smooth surfaces allow for finer detail to show up and work best for all printing methods. Woven Soflex nylon has the smoothest surface. But polyester will cheaper. best cost for print 1 or 2 colors logos, on a lace color of your choice…these are nice, affordable option for customizing your lanyard/neckwear. Printing on 1 or 2 sides of the lace available.