Custom Woven Lanyard With Your Own Artwork

Woven lanyard is ideal for any business that wants to provide their staff with a company lanyard. They can be completely customized and they are perfect many different purposes.

Many companies think that asking their employees to buy their shirts is a great solution. However, this idea presents all kinds of new problems. People often need to have more than one shirt and you will either have to have a very large supply on hand or you will be constantly ordering new shirts. You will also have to deal with things like staff not washing their uniform properly or wearing one that has stains.

The easiest way to avoid all of these hassles is to give your staff custom woven lanyard to wear. The great thing about an embroidered lanyards is that rather than being dyed, the print is actually sewn or woven onto the cord.

Custom woven lanyards are inexpensive. You can buy them wholesale and acquire them in bulk so that you will have plenty at a fraction of the price of a couple of t-shirts. Additionally, you will save money on the shipping and handling because it costs far less to ship embroidered lanyards than shirts. An added bonus is the fact that when the cords do arrive, they can be stored anywhere and they take up virtually no room.

You can use custom woven lanyard in others ways as well. If you want the staff to wear a name tag during their working hours, you can easily get an attachment that will permit them to attach their ID. If certain members of your staff have to carry keys with them during their shift, you can put a slip key ring on and they can then have the keys on their neck as well as their ID. Keys have a nasty habit of getting misplaced, especially when they are being passed from person to person. By asking that all key carrying staff always use a lanyard key ring, you will greatly reduce the number of times that your company keys go missing.