Custom Luggage Straps

Prevent confusion at the airport with a unique luggage strap that will help your bag stand out from the sea of luggage. These heavy-duty promotional luggage straps come in a bright and vibrant color to help customers identify their suitcases. There’s space with the ID card pocket for their business card or contact information to be inserted. These customized luggage straps will become a favorite promo item for customers who rely on traveling for their jobs!

Depending on the size of the strap, multiple bags may be joined together, making it easier to move through an airport or other location. This not only secures them but also reduces the risk of a bag being lost. If the zipper on the bag becomes damaged in any way during a trip, the contents of the bag will remain in place, as the strap will hold the luggage closed until the zipper can be repaired. Finally, a family group may be presented with straps of different colors, allowing them to easily identify which bag belongs to which traveler, increasing the value of the promotional gift.